The book industry’s platform to discover, sell, and order new titles. See what’s trending, access the richest metadata anywhere, access review copies –and never miss a new title!

Gain a bird’s eye view of the industry from “Above the Treeline.” Leverage near real-time data from public libraries and retailers to see what’s popular with readers, and join an elite club of library professionals.
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Integrate your ILS data into Edelweiss to personalize views and benchmark your collection performance. Make acquisition decisions fast by seeing your circulation history at a glance. Create actionable lists.
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Reach the peak of analytical power with intuitive tools integrated within Edelweiss that do the heavy lifting of collection development. Accelerate circulation, maximize collection budgets, and eliminate guesswork.
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▶︎Library Analytics User Group
Join an elite group of professional librarians. Your validated status will also be viewable to publishers, increasing the visibility of your review copy requests, event grids, and reviews.
▶︎What Librarians are Reading
Easily network with other librarians across the nation, and view Buzz and Reviews by other librarians with similar challenges and goals.
▶︎Demand for Titles
See the current popularity of titles based on average holdings, retail sales, library circulations, and on-order data from over 900 library branches or retailers across the country.
▶︎Sorting by Most Popular
Sort lists by the most popular or most ordered titles to aid in identifying gaps in your collection.
▶︎ILS Data Integration
Simple, painless ILS integration means that you’ll know immediately what titles in Edelweiss you already own, saving valuable staff time.
▶︎Customized Lists
Refine searches and sort lists by whether you own titles throughout Edelweiss, creating actionable lists such as the most popular titles that are not currently in your collection.
▶︎View of Comparable Titles
When looking at a title of interest, view titles in the same family that you already own so you can make informed collection decisions.
▶︎Weeding Tools
Identify titles patrons love and weed out those gathering dust. Create targeted weeding lists for each area of your library to allocate shelf space for top performers.
▶︎Performance Measurement
Keep track of top performers and prioritize areas that require attention, driving budgeting and promotional efforts with ease.
▶︎Title Selection
Spend your collection budget wisely and maximize ROI by uncovering new titles that perform well at other libraries (or retailers!) that you may have missed.
▶︎Performance Comparison
Compare library branches to one another or collections to custom peer groups. Immediately identify which areas are overstocked or understocked.
▶︎Customized Reporting
Slice and dice your data any way that is useful to you, using any code within your ILS system. Also, create your own peer groups and direct comparisons.
▶︎Collection Planning Tools
Discover potential gaps in your collection and immediately take action to fix them without ever leaving Edelweiss.
▶︎Floating Collection Management
Monitor the performance of floating collections and generate recommendations for rebalancing collections across branches.
▶︎Consortium Support
Simplified access and oversight of multiple library accounts (as appropriate).
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