SUMMIT Makes Collection Development Fun (really!)

Summit is the top tier of Edelweiss+Analytics for libraries and includes all features of Alpine and Basecamp. It provides you with everything you need to manage your collection and improve its performance. Our ILS integrations make it easy!


Reach Peak Performance

Most Popular Titles

Identify the titles patrons love and weed out those gathering dust

Not Yet Released Titles

Uncover new and upcoming titles you may want to add to an order

Weeding Profiles

Free up shelf space by identifying potentially worn and poorly circulating titles

Category Performance

Discover potential gaps in your collection and identify how fix them

Collection Analysis

Keep track of top performers and identify areas that require attention

Location Comparisons

Compare the performance of locations and benchmark against national data

Your library's State of the Collection report tells you where to FOCUS.

Summit's tools lead you to take ACTION. 

State of the Collection Reporting

With Basecamp and Summit, your library will receive this assessment on a regular basis to benchmark performance, monitor trends, create action plans, and share progress with your board.

Our ILS integrations make it easy! No patron-level data is needed.

How does your book collection perform over time on key metrics?

Benchmark against the performance of other public libraries and gain insights from independent bookstore sales!

Breakout the overall assessment by genre to drive action planning!


What portion of your collection has been active in the last year?

Hit Rate

How have your new titles "hit" compared to your peers?


How does your collection compare when it comes to ownership of retail top sellers?


How many times does your collection turn over annually compared to peers?

Collection Development Tools to Meet Your Needs and Budget


A simple upgrade to your Edelweiss+ user account that means you'll never miss a new title! See what's on-order, on-hand, and circulating/selling at libraries or bookstores!


Integrate your ILS data into Edelweiss, which is super easy with our ILS integrations. Receive the State of the Collection report, and track performance over time!


Stay a step ahead of circulation trends, identify over- and under-stocked areas, compare locations and collections, experiment, create weeding lists, and much more! 

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