Assigning Your Passes

Log into your Edelweiss account and access Bookfest Connect from the orange tab on the right of your screen:


To assign passes, click Setup.

Note: To assign passes, you must use the Edelweiss account (email address) that purchased the passes or be a user admin for your organization. Otherwise, you will only have read-only access. If you do not see the passes you purchased or the users you need to assign passes to, contact us at bookfest@abovethetreeline.com. 


The red number above the icon indicates how many passes are currently unassigned.


You can assign passes to users within your Edelweiss account by clicking the drop-down list and selecting a name.

Note: If you don’t see a coworker or employee’s name listed, reach out to us at bookfest@abovethetreeline.com. Please include their name and the email they use to log in to Edelweiss, and we will swap their account over to your organization's account. If they are not yet an Edelweiss user, we can help you create a new account!)


Once you’ve selected a name to assign a pass, click Save, and then click to confirm. These passes are non-transferable and cannot be unassigned, so please make sure you confirm with your colleague before assigning them a pass!


Once this is done your attendees will receive their event login information. If you find you need more passes, let us know, we can do that too!