& Your Store

Bookfest supports indies AND your customers. You can:

  • Enjoy discounted pricing and useful content for your staff
  • Cobrand attendees’ experience when they select your store as their favorite
  • Enable attendees to seamlessly purchase titles directly from your store
  • Invite customers via a custom URL and receive 10% of their registration fees

WEBINAR: April 13th @ 12:00ET

Join us to hear about how your store can benefit from Bookfest. Registrants will receive the recording.


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A Virtual Event for Your Staff AND Your Customers!

bookfest main hall

Bookfest has something for everyone. Any book lover can discover great new titles and meet the people behind them.


Booksellers can also network in their professional lounge and enjoy content tailored directly to them. 

Attendees select their favorite independent bookstore at registration:

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Stores that opt-in can co-brand attendees' experiences and allow attendees to purchase titles they love from Bookfest directly from their store.


If you want to invite your customers to Bookfest, we'll send you a custom URL so you'll receive 10% of the registration fees. We'll provide all the artwork and information you need to make communicating with customers easy. 

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Interested in attending yourself and sending your staff? Register at the link below:

To opt-in (for free) to co-branding, 10% of customer registration fees, and ecommerce, complete this form: