Discover and Order New Titles

Edelweiss+ is an online digital catalog platform that allows booksellers to efficiently manage their ordering process, stay on top of new titles, and access review copies.

Publisher Catalogs

  • Search frontlist and backlist catalogs from all major publishers on the largest digital catalog platform
  • Access the most complete title information anywhere - including sales and marketing details
  • Network with the largest community of booksellers and other book professionals
  • Download digital review copies and access reviews by other book professionals
  • Communicate with publisher sales reps and efficiently create orders
  • Request author events from publishers

Review Copies

There are thousands of review copies on Edelweiss+ available to download now or request from the publisher!

  • Easily manage your requests and downloads 
  • Read on the device of your choice 
  • Communicate with publishers 
  • Never miss a new title to recommend to customers

Inventory Management Tools

Monitor sales trends, benchmark performance, and increase turns. This is inventory management made easy!

  • Compare genres and custom categories
  • Benchmark against other independent bookstores across the country
  • Identify overstocked and understocked areas, and then create action plans to align with customer demand
  • Stay on top of new and upcoming titles


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