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Catalogue Services for UK Publishers

About Edelweiss in the UK

An American company, Edelweiss by Above the Treeline is used widely in the U.S. and Britain, working with many bookshops, wholesalers and publishers.


Edelweiss is free for end-users such as booksellers, librarians, reviewers, and other book professionals. They use it to discover titles that are being introduced to the trade, access proofs, and collaborate with publisher sales teams.  There is a fee for publishers to post their titles and use the system for catalogues, sales presentations, ePOS analytics, and as a proof platform. 


Publishers in the UK and Ireland receive discounted pricing 


Already a client of a US distributor on Edelweiss?

Maximize your sales and marketing by creating your own Independent Publisher Listing (IPL). An IPL allows you to have a publisher page in Edelweiss for your titles only, with your branding, which will be active in both the UK and US markets. This means that you can create your own catalogues and users can search for your publishing house in Edelweiss. Your distribution partner still manages the US data feeds for you and maintains your titles in their catalogues, but you can:


• Direct traffic to your Independent Publisher Listing in your marketing efforts

• Create unique catalogues with collections of titles

• Add sales and ordering information for potential buyers

• Manage digital proofs and promotions without the intervention of your distribution partner (additional fees may apply)

• Take advantage of lower UK-only pricing for IPLs

• Create both UK and US-facing catalogues

• Give your own sales teams access to Edelweiss tools

• Supply a UK data feed to supplement your US partner’s feeds

• Include titles for the UK market that are not distributed in the US

Edelweiss is the book industry's largest platform to market, sell, discover, and order new titles. It's used by over 250 publishers and distributors, representing well over 8,000 publishers and imprints.

Expand Your Reach. Improve Efficiency.


Host and manage your digital catalogues where they can easily be accessed by your accounts as well as the largest community of book professionals.


Craft custom catalogues, manage robust title metadata and add comparable titles to assist accounts with making orders.


Develop a branded landing page to direct readers from your website and other marketing.  



Streamline the Sales Process. Increase Sales.


Create custom “mark-ups” (i.e. annotated catalogues) for accounts with notes, tags, priorities, and suggested quantities.


Communicate directly with buyers throughout the sales process.


Manage, create, edit, and track orders directly in Edelweiss+ or export for processing.


Create custom lists, export data and orders, and generate presentations in numerous formats and layouts

#1 Sales Tool for Publisher Reps

Save time. Work better.

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Create Custom Catalogue Markups for Accounts

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Communicate Efficiently with Your Contacts

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Manage Orders, Proofs, and Event Requests

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Create Your Own Collections


Catalogue Administration

Manage title metadata, catalogue development, and distribution with ease.



A catalogue "Markup" is an opportunity to provide insider knowledge and advice to accounts.



Propose “suggested orders,” process customer orders, communicate about orders, track activity, and create orders for customers – all in one place.



Edelweiss functions as a CRM for sales reps, helping them keep track of account contacts and facilitating communication.

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