Earth Day Fitness "Marathon" at Vie FIt

When: April 17th 5pm – April 18th 5pm

Why: Raise funds to support fossil-fuel free business practices and other climate change action in downtown Ann Arbor! (See Vie Fit on Facebook)

Rules: Each team needs to have at least one person at the gym over the 24-hour period. Team members can be coworkers, friends, or family!

Prize: In addition to a good workout and bragging rights, the team that raises the most money will receive $1500-2400​ Vie bucks to spend on massages/spa stuff! (dependent on team size)

This will be fun! There will be smoothie samples, food, Grizzly Peak beer in the evening, and Sweetwaters coffee throughout.


Please let Sara know which class(es) you are interested in. You’re welcome to do more than one! We only need one team member at Vie each hour. Email with any questions. If you can, please wear our team color: Black! 


Please share our team pledge page!


Friday, April 17th

5:00pm – Vicki

6:00pm – Peter

7:00pm – Sam

8:00pm – Alison

9:00pm - Sarah G

10:00pm - Upton



  • Tango with Avik




12:00am - Tasha

1:00am - Annie

2:00am – Sara

3:00am – Sara

4:00am - Jessica

5:00am - Sarah

6:00am - Eric

7:00am – Jane

8:00am - Gwyn

9:00am - Brad

10:00am – Christine



  • Kids Mat Pilates with Melissa
  • Spin with Stan


12:00pm - Christine



  • Spin with Aubrey
  • Mat Pilates with Lauren


2:00pm - Jane

3:00pm - Kempton Crew

4:00pm - Chris