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Reach over 145,000 book professionals:

  • 20,000+ booksellers
  • 18,000+ librarians
  • 9,000+ academics
  • 6,000+ media or agency professionals
  • 60,000+ reviewers and readers

Edelweiss+ offers a number of different opportunities to promote titles by catching buyers and readers at key decision points. There are options to meet every marketing goal and budget! 

Featured Titles

Featured Titles are highlighted at the top of the Review Copy page in Edelweiss+ for the week of reservation AND in the weekly newsletter that is sent to over 70,000 Edelweiss+ users. Featured Titles average 11 times more clicks than text-only listings! View examples: 123

Weekly Newsletter Banners

The weekly newsletter is sent to over 70,000 Edelweiss+ users. It automatically includes free text-only listings of all new review copies and catalogs posted to Edelweiss+ in the past week. Publishers can purchase the top banner spot to really draw attention to a title or catalog. Examples: 123

Monthly Newsletter Ads

Edelweiss+ has four monthly newsletters aimed at key user groups: booksellerslibrariansmedia & reviewers, and publishers. These newsletters include relevant product updates, training tips, upcoming events, and other news. Publishers can purchase one of two banner spots in any of these.

Title Banner Inserts

Title banner inserts are ads that appear above title listings, drawing the eye of buyers and readers. They follow the title throughout Edelweiss in catalogs, Reviews, Buzz, Review Copies, etc.. These ads remain in Edelweiss+ for as long as the title is active, and can be updated at any time.

Conference Preview Newsletters

Prior to major industry conferences (ALA, ABA, BookExpo, etc.), Edelweiss+ releases a special newsletter to the appropriate target audience. Publishers may feature a title or reserve ad space in these newsletters. Reservations can be made here.

Coming Soon: Direct-to-Indie-Consumer Marketing

Edelweiss+ works with over 500 independent bookstores. Edelweiss360 (currently in beta testing) will allow indies to easily email personalized recommendations to their loyal customers and improve the online ordering experience. Stay tuned!

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