Targeted Advertising to Edelweiss User Communities

Reach readers and buyers of specific genres (i.e. Fiction, YA Romance) or book professional groups (i.e. ABA members/IndieNext, public librarians/LibraryReads, B&N employees) by promoting your titles to Edelweiss user communities.


Edelweiss Community Newsletters engage readers by highlighting new titles, conversations, collaborative lists, and events happening within the Edelweiss community. The newsletters for these quickly growing Communities of book industry professionals and influencers have an average open rate of 35-40%. 


Edelweiss Community Targeted Ads

Scroll down to view a list of our Community schedule. If you would like to reach a specific group, but do not see it on the list or at your preferred time, please reach out to


To reserve all advertising spaces in a Community newsletter, the cost is $5,000 for a large community, $3,850 for a medium community, and $2,600 for a small community. By purchasing all ad spaces in a community newsletter, you get: the top banner, middle banner, bottom banner, a featured review, and an author spotlight. If you are interested in reserving all advertising spaces, please email

Promotional options within each Community newsletter include:

Banner ads in newsletters to Community members (reserve below)


  • All banner specs are 600px wide by 150px high.
  • Must submit: banner artwork and desired redirect URL.
St. Martin's Press Featured Review

Featured Review in newsletters to Community members (reserve below)


  • Must submit a professional 100-150 word count review of your title, jacket cover, and desired redirect URL.

Author Spotlight in newsletters to Community members (reserve below)


Reserve space for an Author Highlight, Featured Article, Podcast, or link to your website.


  • Must submit 150 word limit of content, one image (720 px wide by 1080 px high), and desired redirect URL
Mazey Eddings Author Spotlight

Important Things to Know


Prices for advertising spots noted below. All content is due by the end of the week prior to your reserved newsletter run date. Cancellations must be made 60 days in advance of run-date. No refunds will be issued if reservation is cancelled less than 60 days before newsletter/promotion run date.

In addition to advertising, you can also promote your events in Edelweiss Community free of charge.

View the entire promotional calendar here. This includes Community newsletters as well as other newsletters offered by Edelweiss. Be sure to subscribe to our Publisher Marketing Newsletter. If you have any questions, please email


All content must adhere to our advertising policy.

Make a reservation

Or contact our team if you are looking for other genres or timeframes at

Tip: Link to your title in Edelweiss Community by using the URL: so users can easily download your title, leave reviews, or add to collaborative lists!