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Digital Review COpies in Edelweiss+

Generate Pre-Publication Interest


Marketing uses review copies to generate buzz and reviews. Sales reps use them to encourage ordering. They're a popular tactic used by publishers to generate buzz because they work!

Managing review copies in Edelweiss+ is easy, effective, and allows you to reach the largest audience of book professionals.


Get your titles into the hands of real influencers!

  • Over 165,000 book professionals
  • 28,000+ booksellers and buyers
  • Reach buyers and influencers with ease
  • Streamline processes for reps and marketing
  • Expand your reach to generate buzz!

The Review Copy Module in Edelweiss+

Digital Review Copies in Edelweiss+

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Manage review copies in the same place you manage your digital catalogs

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Auto-approve certain types of users or groups (booksellers, librarians, B&N, ABA, etc.)

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Send secure copies directly to readers or include in catalog markups for buyers

Make your review copies private, public, or require approval


Manage requests via email or in Edelweiss

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manage drcs in Edelweiss

reviews in Edelweiss can be shared by the user to publishers, Indie Next, LibraryReads and more which increases your titles reach

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Affordable, Effective, and Environmentally Friendly

  • Eliminate paper waste and cost
  • Flexible and simple pricing
  • Unlimited downloads with no download fees

Publishers who are already subscribed to Edelweiss+ Catalog Services pay a simple $99 annual fee to activate review copies and a $50* fee per title uploaded (discounts may apply). We are currently waiving the $99 fee for new publishers and including audio review copies with your subscription at no additional charge! 

Other options are available. Learn more about print review copies, audio review copies, and exam copies

One of the best and most innovative things in the history of publishing


"What you and your team have done to eliminate paper waste, cost, and all the carbon emissions that go along with shipping catalogs is innovative in general, and as it relates to climate and ecology."


- Elise Cannon, VP Field Sales, PGW


Administrators from HarperCollins and W.W. Norton talk about best practices for managing digital review copies:


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