Expand your reach in the academic market to increase course adoption.

  • Provide digital options to your target list
  • Post your titles where decision makers are reviewing potential titles to fulfill class needs
  • Streamline your program management workflow
  • Easily track requests and measure success
Print Review Copies

“Before, we were working with spreadsheets and email. Edelweiss allows us to get exam copies into the right hands in a much more efficient and effective manner.”

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Generate Interest


Edelweiss gives over 100,000 book professionals a platform to discover, read, review, and order new titles. The platform is used by all major publishers to share catalogs and review copies for purchase consideration.


Expand Your Reach


Edelweiss represents the fastest growing group of academics online reviewing titles for course adoption. Publishers hoping to expand their reach in the academic market are sharing their frontlist and backlist titles to increase course adoption.

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Improve Your Workflow


Basic Edelweiss accounts are free, so publishers may easily direct their existing target list to titles on the platform at no cost to users. Additionally, titles on Edelweiss are discoverable by a larger, diverse audience of book professionals.

How do exam copies in Edelweiss work?

  • Post exam copies in Edelweiss so that they are viewable by all users or specific types, such as Academic users.
  • Choose whether to make your exam copies available for immediate download or available upon request.
  • Review requester profiles and the reason for their request before approving
  • Share a link to your title in Edelweiss to your mailing list or on your website, or send the title directly to specific Contacts in Edelweiss
  • Customize your message to requesters to open up a dialogue about potential course adoption
  • Delegate aspects of exam copy management to sales reps if desired

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