How Do Print Review Copies Work?

How Print Review Copies Work (2)

Title Management


First, you will activate the titles on Edelweiss that you would like to offer as a print review copy (and/or digital review copy).


Next, you'll choose what users or types of users have access to request your titles in Edelweiss. By default, no one can request your print review copies without being granted access.


You can share your review copies with a subset of the 120,000 book professionals on Edelweiss, which includes:


  • 20,000 booksellers, including 411 verified ABA stores (or 3700 members) or 2700 verified B&N employees
  • 18,000 librarians
  • 9,000 academics
  • 6,000 media or agency professionals
  • 50,000 reviewers, readers, or other book lovers


And you can share in your own marketing efforts:


  • Send to your contacts using the Quick Send feature in Edelweiss that includes a request link
  • Highlight the review copy in your email blasts and newsletters
  • Share on social media with your audiences
  • Link to the review copy from your website
  • Encourage sales reps to share with their accounts


*To make a request, contacts without an Edelweiss will be prompted to create a free account.



For those granted access, the Request button will become visible in Edelweiss: 

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2 Request Management


You will designate at least one person to act as review copy administrator. When someone makes a request, your administrator will receive an email. The email will also be sent to any user at your publishing house who has the requester listed within their Edelweiss contacts. This allows sales reps the opportunity to approve requests from their accounts. Requests can also be managed easily within Edelweiss.


Your administrator can view the requester’s Edelweiss profile, which includes information such as the reason he is requesting that title, the number of requests he’s made, the number of review copies he’s been granted, his role within the book industry, links to his blog or past reviews, etc. This information can help your administrator decide if granting him early access to this title will help you achieve your goals.


Your administrator will approve or deny the request, providing a customized response to the requester if desired. If appropriate, we recommend adding a call to action such as asking the user to share a review or nominate the title for LibraryReads, for example.

3 Fulfillment

Approved requests incur a $1.50 service fee and are then routed back to you to be fulfilled from your inventory.


*All printing and shipping costs are handled separately by the publisher.

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