Edelweiss Plus Release Notes

Release 5/10/2022

  • Performance improvements related to Ordering
  • Fixed issue with the DRC Share function in the Admin App

Release 4/28/2022

  • Fixed issue with some users not showing any DRCs
  • Fixed issue with the self-serve password reset tool
  • Fixed issue where the Community DRC page would cap out at 40 results

Release 4/26/2022

  • Fixed issue with State of Collection Report throwing error
  • Security improvements related to user sessions
  • Upgraded image and barcode generation

Release 4/21/2022

  • Fixed issue with Markup and Order bars would become unresponsive on page turns
  • Performance improvements related to Ordering
  • Implemented additional performance logging tools

Release 4/16/2022

  • Performance improvements related to Ordering
  • Fixed bug where Rep created orders weren't appearing to update when quantities were added or removed
  • Added quick feedback modal
  • Fixed bug where refinements that included an ampersand weren't functioning in E+ Analytics.
  • Fixed bug where logging in after navigating to shared link would re-direct to homepage rather than the link
  • Fixed bug where changing store selection in Order bar would throw JS error.

Release 4/6/2022

  • Fixed issue with saving Related Products in Title Admin Modal
  • Performance improvements related to Community Reviews
  • Fixed issue with loading E+ on older versions of Safari
  • Performance improvements related to Ordering

Release 3/30/2022

  • Fixed issue with E+ loading on older versions of Safari
  • Moved profile images to blob storage
  • Added function for CCM Publishers to download PDF versions of campaigns that include their titles.

Release 3/24/2022

  • Fixed issue with Quick Send Icon not responding on some titles
  • Fixed issue with tabbing between store locations
  • Performance improvements related to WebUIPopovers

Release 3/16/2022

  • Performance improvements related to Order caching
  • Fixed issue with broken links in Title Modal
  • Fixed issue with Download and Request links not working on iOS Chrome
  • Fixed issue with On Sale Date not showing on mobile

Release 3/7/2022

  • Fixed issue with HTML being visible in various parts of the site
  • Various Security improvements
  • Moved interior PDF images to blob storage

Release 2/22/2022

  • Added Thema categories to all non-US markets
  • Reenabled Community activity in E+
  • Fixed issues with using special characters in Tags
  • Various security improvements
  • Added links to Edelweiss Reader on title pages
  • Updated DRC icons and ribbon

Release 2/16/2022

  • Various Indie360 performance improvements
  • Fixed issue with errors being thrown for some users in Community
  • Various improvements to Community Events