Manage all of your review copies in one place!

  • Reduce waste
  • Cut costs by 20-50%
  • Reach buyers and influencers with ease
  • Streamline processes for reps and marketing
  • Expand your reach to generate buzz!
Print Review Copies

The Problem

Often, print review copies quantities are determined months before they are produced, and then there are either too many or too few available when needed. Additionally, many are shipped and handled multiple times before getting to the intended recipient.


Print Review Copies in Edelweiss+

Print review copies are available as part of the Review Copy Module in Edelweiss+. 

Connecting Edelweiss+ with your current process is easy.

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Maintain minimal inventory and eliminate double shipping and handling costs


Never miss an opportunity to share a review copy with an influencer

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Allow accounts or certain users to request within Edelweiss+ (optional)

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Track all activity and metrics for print and digital review copies in one place

Affordable and Effective

Publishers who are already subscribed to the Digital Review Copy module can add Print Review Copies to their subscription with ease. Just ask us how!


Publishers pay a $99 annual fee to activate the Review Copy Module and a $50 fee per title uploaded (*discounts may apply). Print review copies also incur a per-unit processing charge.


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