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Working with Event Grids

for Booksellers and Librarians


Join Edelweiss and Matthew Flores from Penguin Random House to learn about how to work with Event Grids in Edelweiss! You’ll learn the mechanics of working in the grids, as well as insight in to what publishers look for in event grid proposals.

Edelweiss for Frontline Booksellers



A well-informed staff is a stronger staff! Edelweiss is for more than just buyers, with tools for title discovery, communication, community, reviews, and review copies.


Marketing Your Titles in Edelweiss

for Publishers


Edelweiss has a ton of ways to help you make your titles standout to decision makers from across the book industry. Join Amanda Murphy, Director of Marketing at Edelweiss to learn how!

Introduction to Buying in Edelweiss

for Booksellers


Intended for newer buyers, this session will walk you through the mechanics of ordering in Edelweiss. From creating orders to working with sales reps, you’ll learn the whole process!

Offering Digital Review Copies in Edelweiss

for Publishers


Getting your books in to the hands of tastemakers and decision makers can be absolutely crucial to the success of your titles. Join in to learn more about the Digital Review Copy program in Edelweiss.

Edelweiss Community

for Booksellers, Librarians, and Reviewers


In an ever-expanding and changing industry, the ability to connect with peers from around the book world can be both invaluable and fun. Join us in learning how to use Edelweiss Community to discover titles, connect with other book lovers, and more.

Creating Great Markups

for Sales Reps and Publishers


Your trusted voice is crucial in helping good booksellers make good decisions about their inventory and offerings. Learn the mechanics and art of creating markups in Edelweiss to be sure you’re representing your titles as robustly as possible.


Edelweiss360 for Booksellers


Looking for a streamlined way to craft targeted marketing emails to your customers – and track the sales resulting from those campaigns, all in one place? Learn how to do so with Edelweiss360, a free add-on for Edelweiss+Analytics subscribers.

Edelweiss Designer

for Publishers


You already send your metadata to Edelweiss for your catalogs. Now take a look at Edelweiss Designer and learn how to quickly create beautiful and customized presentations using the data that’s already there.

Edelweiss Analytics for Booksellers


Edelweiss Analytics provides a ton of tools to help you be sure that your inventory s as strong and profitable as possible. Learn how to use those tools in an efficient way, creating a workflow that works for your schedule.   


Event Grids for Publishers




Learn how to create Event Grids in Edelweiss! You can announce author tours, receive event proposals from your customers, see details about their stores and venues, and get feedback from your sales reps, all in one place.  

Finding, Requesting, and Reading Digital Review Copies

for Booksellers, Librarians, and Reviewers


Edelweiss is a treasure trove of great upcoming reads from your favorite publishers. Join us to learn how it all works!