Edelweiss Training for Librarians

New to Edelweiss? You've come to the right place.

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The Way You Want to Learn 


The topics below are split into an introductory overview ("101") and a more detailed demonstration ("102"). For each, you'll have the opportunity to learn based on your personal preference:


  • Watch a short video
  • Read a how-to document
  • Tour how things work within Edelweiss (some of these are coming soon!)


Or, if you have specific questions, type what you're looking for into the Search bar here


Getting Started with Edelweiss


Edelweiss is an amazing place for book lovers! You can learn about new titles, access thousands of advanced review copies, browse publisher catalogs, and more. But first, take a little time to learn how to customize Edelweiss to meet your unique interests.

Edelweiss 101


Getting started 


Edelweiss 102


Popular Features for Librarians


For more resources about getting started, click here to browse Help resources or search on the homepage.

Review Copies & Reviews


ARCs, galleys, review copies - no matter what you call them, they are extremely useful to librarians. This is your opportunity to read a title for FREE before purchasing or recommending to patrons. In return, leave a review for the publisher and author!

Review Copies 101


Finding, downloading, and requesting review copies.


Review Copies 102


Writing and sharing reviews.


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To learn more about review copies, click here to browse Help resources or search on the homepage.

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Collection Development & Ordering


Are you in charge of collection development and/or title selection for your library? Discovering titles in Edelweiss and then exporting lists for easy ordering from your distributor of choice is simple.

Ordering 101


Collection development using Edelweiss


Ordering 102


Creating and exporting orders


To learn more, click here to browse Help resources or search on the homepage.



Communities are groups of users with similar interests or functions. Community members are able to share reviews and collections as well as view reviews and collections that others have shared.

Communities 101


Joining, Finding, and Sharing Reviews or Collections


Communities 102


Creating and Managing Communities


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To learn more about Communities, click here to browse Help resources or search on the homepage.

Additional Topics

Catalogs and Collections


You can create and share collections of titles for just about any purpose you can imagine. Learn more here. 

Event Grids


Learn about author tours in your area and apply to the publisher for potential inclusion. Learn more here. 

User Administration


If you are the user administrator for your library's Edelweiss account, you can create, edit, and delete users as needed. Learn more here. 

Other Tips & Tricks


Feel like you have a pretty good handle on Edelweiss now? Take it up a notch with these best practices. Learn more here