Targeted Email Marketing = Successful Email Marketing

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Campaign Builder

Drawing from your inventory and customer database, easily send customized eblasts about titles you love to customers who trust your recommendations - in just minutes!

Recommendation Engine

The Edelweiss360 recommendation engine matches titles and events to your customers based on their interests and past purchases, but you have ultimate oversight.

Customer Management

View individual customer purchase history as well as queued title, event, and collection recommendations. Preview the email as it will be personalized for this customer.

Campaign Builder

Create attractive, targeted email campaigns in just minutes.

Easily create segments of customers who are interested in a certain topic, genre, or section.

Using Campaign Builder

Edelweiss360 walks you through the steps to craft the perfect email. There's limitless potential! You could:

  • Send monthly customer newsletters with personal recommendations
  • Promote new or upcoming inventory in a certain genre
  • Promote inventory on sale
  • Share holiday or seasonal purchase recommendations
  • Share titles of local interest or by local authors
  • Promote events with author titles
  • Recommend lesser-known but great titles that they may have missed
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How does it work?

Edelweiss360 takes title data and lists of comparable titles from publishers and combines it with your store's POS data regarding what titles you have on hand and on order.

Next, Edelweiss360 looks at your customer data in order to intelligently match titles and events that each customer may love based on their past transactions or preferences.

You determine the content and timing of your email communications. Edelweiss360 makes it easy to bring the right titles to the right customers at the right time.

Customers receive a branded email from your store with personally relevant titles. They can click to purchase or may decide to stop by the store in person!

The details

Customer Emails

Every email is personalized and branded as coming from your store. Customers can click on a title to learn more and order if they'd like.


You control the frequency and the content of emails that go to your customers. Nothing is "cookie cutter." Whether you accept the auto-generated recommendations or elect to edit/append them is up to you! Your customer emails are not shared with any third parties.


Regardless of whether customers order online or in the store, you can track how many of your recommendations convert to sales:

campaign stats

Customer Profiles

View purchase history as well as queued title, event, and collection recommendations. Preview the email as it would be personalized for this customer.

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Author Events

Add upcoming events for your store. At-a-glance, see how many of your customers have been matched with that even based on their past interest in similar events or related titles - edit at will.

For each event, add related titles and sections of your store. Review and tweak the recommended list of comparable titles that drive recommendations for customers. Manually add to your customer's recommendations if you'd like.

upcoming events

Add to Campaign from Edelweiss+

Add a title to one of your Edelweiss360 campaigns while adding titles to an order in Edelweiss+!

Most Copies in Stock

Edelweiss360 identifies the titles you have the most of so that you can easily include them in campaigns!

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Staff Reviews

Use positive staff reviews from Edelweiss+ to highlight titles you believe in.

staff reviews

Most Ordered Frontlist

Feature the titles you are highly anticipating and have already ordered!

most ordered


Draw attention to the newer titles that are doing really well in your store.

best selling

Tag Similar Titles

Utilize tags from Edelweiss+ to group similar titles together.

staff picks and reviews

Customer Metrics

Monitor your customer engagement and sales activity over time.


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