Increase Sales with Targeted Customer Email Marketing

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What are independent bookstores saying about Edelweiss360?

"This is the easiest thing we've done that has the best results - by far - for sales. It takes us five minutes."

- Jamie Rogers Southern, Bookmarks

"We've had a regular newsletter, but we’ve never been able to reach people with this many recommendations so quickly and easily - and targeted to our customers... I’m not a technophobe, but I’m not necessarily good at it either. For me to be able to take the leap and be able to do it so easily immediately – that’s huge."

- Lisa Swayze, Buffalo Street Books

"We are actively reaching customers that are making purchases on our website. The ability to go by section, comps, series, and authors is incredible... 360 has provided us with incredibly reliable and consistent outreach. It’s a dream." 

- John Ganiard, Literati Bookstore

"The genre targeting has been the most useful because of how powerful the individual customer targeting is in Edelweiss360. It's so easy to go through and say 'all customers who have purchased mystery in the last six months.' That has been the most successful for us." 

- Gwen Delaney, Rediscovered Books

Bring your store experience to your customers' inbox with targeted email marketing.

Targeted Email Marketing

Efficiently promote recommended titles and events to targeted customers and then track conversion to sales.

Event Promotion

Add events to customer email campaigns, along with links to related titles. Target customers who have purchased similar titles in the past.

Customer Community

Allow customers to create and share Wishlists, share reviews, rate books they've read... and even more to come in the future!

A strong digital presence is critical for independent bookstores.


  • People spend an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes EVERY DAY on their phone.
  • 79% of people do at least some of their shopping online - and it's growing every year.
  • Amazon makes upwards of 35% of its revenue from its recommendation engine and email marketing.


Make it easy for customers, who know and trust your recommendations, to discover their next read at your store. Help them buy more books, more often, from YOU - whether they are in the store or online. 

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