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Make the Most of Your Sales and Marketing Strategies in Edelweiss

Edelweiss360 for Publishers is an add-on module for publishers who currently subscribe to catalog services that allows you to:

  • Track activities such as views, shares, shelves, reviews, downloads, and orders
  • Use metrics and key indicators to improve sales and marketing effectiveness
  • Improve workflows and connect with prospects

Members of the Edelweiss Community


Book Professionals

  • 36,000+ booksellers, including 5,000+ verified B&N employees
  • 31,000+ public and private librarians
  • 23,000+ publishers, distributors, and sales reps
  • 13,000+ professors, teachers, and academics
  • 100,000+ reviewers, readers, and other book lovers

As a catalog services subscriber, you can access many features of Edelweiss360 for free, including activity metrics such as downloads, reviews, catalog views, and your Contacts’ activity. Watch this short video about Edelweiss360 Premium.

  • View what type of users have engaged with your catalog
  • See who has shared your catalogs (including your reps!)
  • Benchmark against other catalogs in Edelweiss+
  • Drill down to see individual titles and users
  • Sort and export with ease


Premium Only:

  • See who the catalog was shared with and if they actually viewed it
  • View user information and/or message unfamiliar users
  • Track reviews, downloads, and orders of your title over time
  • Monitor how your marketing tactics impact title activity
  • View users who have downloaded the title or shared their review


Premium Only:

  • View users who have placed the title on their Shelves in Edelweiss+
  • Identify prospects based on users' past engagement with comps
  • Message any user and/or add them to Contacts


Edelweiss+Analytics Subscribers:

  • View sales and inventory data from 500+ Indies and libraries
  • Identify the influencers within your accounts who can drive orders
  • Search for accounts/organizations within Edelweiss+
  • Link your authors to their titles in Edelweiss+
  • View aggregate data about Edelweiss+ Communities
  • View if a user is a Contact for other publishers


Premium Only:

  • Explore users within Edelweiss+ Communities (ABA, B&N, genres, etc.)
  • Search for media and share your frontlist titles with influencers
  • Message any user and/or add them to Contacts
  • Write internal notes just for you or share with colleagues
  • Tag items for easy monitoring

Free vs. Premium

A premium upgrade turns Edelweiss360 into a direct marketing and sales prospecting tool that includes the ability to:

  • View users that are not known to you who have downloaded, reviewed, viewed, or Shelved your title – and message them directly to share a title or ask for a review!
  • Access lists of recommended users who are likely good targets for your titles based on their past activity with similar titles
  • Connect with users in relevant Edelweiss+ Communities or Accounts, such as organizations like the ABA or NPR, as well as readers of certain genres such as YA and Romance.

Maximize Edelweiss360 with Edelweiss+Analytics

Enrich your reporting with sales and inventory data from over 500 Indies and library branches.