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Welcome to Edelweiss, IngramSpark Clients! 

Edelweiss+ is a platform that allows publishers to efficiently manage their digital catalogs and review copies as well as their sales and marketing. It is the primary method independent bookstores and B&N purchase books, but it's also where over 185,000 book professionals and serious readers discover new titles! 


As an IngramSpark publisher, you can sign up to take advantage of Edelweiss catalog services, post digital review copiesand browse our promotion options to find the right advertising option to meet your goals. 

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Promoting Your Titles

Whether your titles are listed on Edelweiss or not, there are a number of options available to promote your titles, feature reviews, or highlight an author.


Promotion options that do not require your titles to be listed on Edelweiss:

  • Banner Ads are available in the weekly newsletter or in monthly librarian and bookseller newsletters.
  • Targeted Advertising allows you to reach specific communities of readers and buyers.


Additional promotion options that require titles being listed on Edelweiss:

Important Note: In order to reserve a promotion on Edelweiss+, you must be a user within the account your titles are cataloged in. If you need help booking a promotion, please reach out to for assistance. 

Review Copies

Share digital review copies with book buyers, influencers, and reviewers to generate buzz, orders, and reviews.

  • Incorporate review copies into your sales communications so that book buyers can review prior to purchase
  • Share review copies with contact lists and include in email, web, and social media marketing
  • Customize messages to readers to include a call-to-action (review, nomination, purchase, etc.)
  • Expand your reach to new audiences of 212,000+ book professionals in Edelweiss+
  • New review copies are included in the weekly newsletter that goes to over 70,000 book professionals

Edelweiss Catalog Services

Host and manage your digital catalogs where they can be accessed by independent bookstores, libraries, media, agencies, and other book professionals.  

  • Develop a branded landing page to direct readers from your website and other marketing
  • Craft custom catalogs, manage title metadata, and add comparable titles to assist accounts with making orders
  • Sales reps create "mark-ups" (i.e. annotated catalogs) for their accounts with notes, tags, priorities, and suggested quantities - streamlining the sales process
  • Accounts submit orders directly through Edelweiss or export to send another method
  • New catalogs are included in the weekly newsletter that goes to over 70,000 book professionals