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Welcome to Summit, the top tier of Edelweiss+Analytics and the peak of collection development greatness! Below, you'll find links to all the resources you need to get started.

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Onboarding Guide


You're probably anxious to start using the collection development tools in Edelweiss+Analytics! For that to happen, it's important to read through the onboarding guide and make sure you have the right people involved.

*Note that this step may not be necessary if you are upgrading from Basecamp.

By sending Treeline your ILS data, you agree to the Terms of Service.

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ILS Connection


For initial setup, we'll need a big file of historical circulation data and current holdings, and then we'll need regular update files moving forward. Many of the details you need about these files are in the onboarding guide above. The process for getting your collection data into Edelweiss+ depends a bit on which ILS your library uses. 


Our data and onboarding specialists are here to help! Once we've received your files, we will send you a spreadsheet with a few questions. We'll also want to know if there are any particular types of data are no longer active or that you'd like us to exclude.  



Train Your Team


Once your ILS data is flowing into Edelweiss+Analytics, it's time to train your team to use the collection development tools! We encourage you to schedule a live kickoff training webinar and then supplement that learning with the task-based on-demand training resources.


Our onboarding specialists will reach out to you once your data files have processed to schedule your team's training!


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