Highlights of Product Updates From the PAst Year

Platform Improvements

  • New Technology - We've adopted the React web application framework to speed deployment of fixes and new features, better exploit modern browser capabilities, and keep our applications more maintainable into the future.
  • Services architecture - We've implemented more independent services in our application architecture to speed deployment of fixes and new features, take advantage of more cost-effective cloud-based hosting resources, and promote overall site resiliency.
  • Data architecture - We're using cloud-based Big Data processing technologies to better scale our data ingest routines, allowing us to incorporate ever-growing data streams in a timely fashion.


Core Edelweiss - Catalog Services and Review Copies

  • Released new functionality that allows users to subscribe to an email summary of all Edelweiss notifications on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Updated CSV export of event grids to split City and State in to two columns to ease filtering/sorting
  • Added ability to suppress email alerts for new reviews
  • Added ability to add Fill Quantities to ONIX feed to assist stores in ordering display materials
  • Released new checklists for publishers to get the most out of their review copies and catalogs
  • Added the ability to bulk upload event grids from a spreadsheet
  • Made it so that when users without an account request a review copy, they are first directed to register for a new account and then they are seamlessly directed back to the review copy of interest
  • Increased the space allotted for Featured Titles to allow for higher res image files
  • Sharing a link to a title on social media now includes jacket cover and title details
  • Released Catalog Administrator training page and resources
  • Added Featured Titles to top of Review Copy tab in Edelweiss during the week of reservation
  • Added the ability to refine a list of titles by publishing status, allowing users to quickly identify forthcoming titles
  • Added the functionality to refine review copies by print format
  • Added functionality to submit reviews to Libro.fm
  • Added option to hide the search bar when sharing URLs by adding "&hiresearch=true" to the end of your URL
  • Added ability to fulfill PRCs from inventory
  • Added the ability to refine a list of titles by language


Improvements for Sales Reps

  • Added the ability to export selected Contacts from the People page rather than have to export the entire list
  • Added the ability to view comp sales data at more than one location of a given store or library to inform suggestions (Other Actions>Comp Cross Store View and toggle on)
  • Added the ability to copy markups (yours or a colleague's) to a new title listing by simply accessing a comp or related format of that same title.
  • Released Sales Rep training page and resources
  • Launched the Quarterly Sales Rep Newsletter
  • Added a date stamp Personal Notes to help sales reps stay organized
  • Added "Date Updated" to the catalog list view to track the last date updates were made to a catalog
  • Sales reps can now refine by account tags as well as view and interact with shared notes with editing their own markup notes
  • Booksellers can now refine a catalog listview by the name of the sales rep  who shared the markup
  • Added the ability to reserve banner ads in targeted monthly newsletters


Edelweiss Analytics

  • Added Year to Date Sales and Lifetime Sales to the daily email reports for Edelweiss Analytics subscribers
  • Improved the cross-store view for Edelweiss Analytics, which allows reps to see your title's status at all stores in one list by adding totals for store sales, on hands, and sales to the top of each column
  • Added the ability to analyze collections of titles
  • Publishers can now give access to independent reps
  • Added the Historical Overview lane in Edelweiss Analytics which allows you to see sales, inventory, and turns over time at each of your store accounts
  • When you create a new filter from the 'Apply Filter' box, it now applies to your analysis immediately, without re-selecting the new filter.
  • Publisher users can now click a collection name immediately after adding titles to the collection (from Analytics, or anywhere). If they are coming from Analytics though, the same store that they were reviewing in Analytics will be selected automatically in the blue markup bar in the collection, streamlining the process for suggesting orders and markups.


Edelweiss Community of Book Professionals  

  • Sharing reviews with Communities and submitting nominations were separated, allowing Communities to receive nominations for awards or honors (LibraryReads and IndieNext)
  • Brodart Bibz export was added for libraries, supporting growth of library users on Edelweiss
  • Launched Edelweiss Communities, expanding the opportunities to generate buzz about your titles amongst book professionals and building a foundation for publishers to target certain types of readers in the future
    • ​Verified ABA Community members = 4800+
    • LibraryReads Community members = 18,130+


Coming Soon

  • Formal launch of Edelweiss360 for publishers (some functionality integrated into Catalog Services subscriptions and others offered as premium upgrade)
  • Edelweiss360 beta for booksellers, which allows direct marketing to Indie customers, setting the groundwork for future publisher marketing opportunities
  • Development of review API for large publishers
  • Release of online billing center, providing an option for the organization's Billing Contact to pay bills under $5,000 online and access invoice history