Edelweiss+Analytics is an add-on module that provides real-time data about how titles are performing across independent bookstores.

Daily Reporting

Sales and inventory data is updated nightly for over 700 independent bookstores.

Title Performance

See how titles are selling -  before any bestseller lists are published!

Store Inventory

See what stores have your titles in stock, have placed orders, or have run out.

Sales Consulting

Gain insight into bookstore sales to provide personalized recommendations.

Watch this short video about how publishers can use these tools to improve their sales and efficiency. 

Store-by-Store Reporting

Over 700 US and 250 UK independent retailers share their daily POS data with Edelweiss+. This allows publishers to see real-time on-hand, on-order, and sales data for their titles across the nation. Receive daily reports sent straight to your inbox, or export the data for further analysis if needed! 

Sales reps can also view just their own stores, aiding them in developing personal recommendations for buyers. 

What Publishers Are Saying

"Deciding to add Analytics to our subscription was simple. This information not only makes our jobs easier, but makes us better at our jobs.

"These reports allow our sales reps to really focus on providing value to their customers. They love it, and it's a huge win for both sides."

"I can't imagine working without this data ever again. It's so helpful to immediately know how our recently released titles are performing."

"These reports allow me, as a sales rep, to really help my stores. I want them to do well, and now I can provide very targeted recommendations."

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