Edelweiss+ for UK Publishers

Edelweiss+ is a unique digital catalogue platform that publishers use to efficiently and effectively sell and market their books to the trade, both domestically and overseas.

Catalogue Services


Host and manage your digital catalogues for your sales teams, bookshops, wholesalers, libraries, and other book professionals.


  • Develop a branded landing page to direct readers from your website and other marketing
  • Craft custom catalogues by month, subject, promotion, or based on sales rights
  • Sales reps annotate catalogues with personalized notes and suggested orders for their customers
  • Accounts can submit orders directly through Edelweiss or export to send another way
  • Sales teams use Edelweiss in the UK or overseas to reach customers in the way they prefer - through online presentations, emails, PDFs, or even print - regardless of the customer's level of participation with Edelweiss

"I'm loving Edelweiss- the analytics are amazing and I just keep marvelling at what it can do. I've had a few rep meetings using them and it' so smooth (I'm the fastest book buyer in the west but this was unbelievable, I did like 4 months in an hour!)." - Aimee, Phlox Books, London




Daily reporting of your sales in 260 participating UK indie bookshops, along with insights for reps.


  • Use daily sales email reports to monitor early signs of market pickup and adapt marketing/sales strategies immediately as needed
  • Analyse the sales of titles within catalogues to identify opportunities to maximize your approach to the Indie channel
  • Sales reps can dig deep into their titles' performance at their shops, making them better-prepared and smarter partners to their accounts


"Edelweiss revolutionised my working life. Suddenly I had everything I needed, in one place. I can create whatever catalogues, selections, AIs or order forms I need, from frontlist or back. And I'm still only learning - Edelweiss has many more functions that I am yet to utilise. And it costs me nothing!! Win, win, win." - Deborah Jones, Independent Sales Rep

Review Copies


Share digital, audio, or print review copies (proofs) with book buyers, influencers, and reviewers to generate buzz, orders, and reviews.


  • Incorporate review copies into your sales communications so that book buyers can review prior to purchase
  • Share review copies with contact lists and include in email, web, and social media marketing
  • Customise messages to readers to include a call-to-action (review, nomination, purchase, etc.)
  • Expand your reach to new audiences in Edelweiss



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