About Review Copies

Review copies are a popular way for publishers to generate buzz, reviews, and pre-orders of their upcoming books. Professional readers are given an advanced copy in exchange for their review, consideration to buy for their store/library, or generating buzz amongst the community in which they’re an influencer.


Bookfest is about much more than just advanced review copies – it’s all about discovering your next read, meeting your favorite authors, and connecting with other like-minded readers. That said, we know folks LOVE review copies, and who can blame them? We do, too!


You can find review copies in several places around Bookfest. When viewing a session in Edelweiss Connect, you can click to open the books featured in that session and check out review copy availability. First, open Edelweiss Connect:

edelweiss connect

Next, locate the session and click the Featured Books button:

featured books

From there, you can see if there is a review copy available to either request from the publisher or download immediately. (Note: review copy availability and visibility depends on the publisher's settings and their marketing goals for that specific title.)

review copy button

You can also explore the publisher's booths to discover review copies! Many are linked directly within booths or you'll find a linked request form. Others are doing giveaways! You can also introduce yourself to the publishers and ask them about availability if there's a certain title you're excited about. Here's just one example:


And, of course, you can check out the many, many review copies available anytime in Edelweiss+ and Edelweiss Community. To increase the likelihood of your requests being approved by publishers, be sure to complete your profile and share a compelling reason why you'd like the advanced copy in your request!