Discover New Titles and Access Free Review Copies

Edelweiss+ is a digital catalog platform that allows publishers to share catalogs and review copies with booksellers, librarians, reviewers, and other book professionals. 

Publisher Catalogs

  • Search catalogs of all major publishers and never miss a new title 
  • Receive alerts about new books of interest to you 
  • Network with over 100,000 book reviewers and other book professionals 
  • Download digital review copies and access reviews 

Review Copies & Reviews

There are thousands of review copies on Edelweiss+ available to download now or request from the publisher!

  • Access digital, audio, and print formats (as made available by the publisher)
  • Easily manage your requests and downloads 
  • Read on the device of your choice 
  • Communicate with publishers 
  • Send reviews to Goodreads or other review sites