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The topics below are split into an introductory overview ("101") and a more detailed demonstration ("102"). For each, you'll have the opportunity to learn based on your personal preference:

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Basic navigation, setting up your account, and customizing your homepage.

In many ways, Edelweiss+ functions as a CRM for sales reps - keeping track of your account contacts and facilitating communication. It all starts with "Contacts." 

Contacts 101

Finding and editing your contacts. 

Contacts 102

Using groups, exporting/importing contacts, and sharing.

Managing Your Contacts

To learn more about contacts, click here to browse Help resources or search on the homepage. 

A catalog "Markup" is an opportunity for you to provide insider knowledge and advice to your accounts. Providing robust information helps buyers make decisions!

Markups 101

The elements of a markup.

Markups 102

Sharing a markup and examples of best practices.


To learn more about markups, click here to browse Help resources or search on the homepage. 

What buyers are looking for in their reps' markups. 

What Buyers Want

Edelweiss+ is a one-stop shop for publishers and book professionals, and buyers can send their order to you right in Edelweiss+!

Orders 101

Understanding orders in Edelweiss+.

Orders 102

Creating and downloading orders.

Managing Orders

To learn more about orders, click here to browse Help resources or search on the homepage. 


Collections are groups of titles that you create for a certain purpose to share with one or more of your Contacts. Learn more about collections.

Event Grids

Event grids are a way to share author tours with your accounts and allow them to request participation. Learn more about event grids

Getting the Most Out of Edelweiss+

Now that you have the basics down, learn more about how to get the most out of Edelweiss+ in this video. Watch now

Additional Topics

Edelweiss+ is the #1 sales tool for publisher reps and connects over 135,000 book professionals all over the world. Learn more about services for publishers here

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