John Rubin
CEO & New Product Development Director
Ruth Bradstreet
Managing Director, Europe
Cathy Whitehead
Jason Belaire
Chief Architect
Annie Rubin
VP of Values and Culture
Chris Kempton
Chief Architect
Katie Brennan
VP of Sales & Growth
Justin Gold
Director of Product Management
Sara Richmond
Director of Communication & Client Experience
Joe Foster
Education Coordinator
Darcy Piedmonte
Senior Client Success Manager, Publishers
Lynne Fremont
Customer Support
Kris Tokarz
Senior Developer
Brad Jones
Senior Developer
Sam Brodkey
Senior Developer
Ramez Bou Orm
DevOps Engineer
Nick Stokes
Data Support Manager
Adam Schleicher
Client Support & Product Specialist
Heather Amezaga
Finance Coordinator
Jane White
Client Success Manager
Scott Wolfenbarger
Ethan Jiang-Lape
Alison Langlois
Client Success Manager, Publishers
Shaina Mahler
Customer Support
Peter Szujewski
Vicki Stockton
Customer Support
Christine Cummings
Billing Coordinator & Executive Assistant
Carla Geglio
Joanie Borders
Customer Support
Gabriella Costa
Customer Support
Aaron Pride
Customer Support
Khalila King
Community Engagement & Internship Coordinator
Dave Jansen
Technical Operations Manager
Ally Jarjour
Emma Wasend
Communications Specialist