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Note: Time slots for the LIVE virtual event on the 12th are now booked. If you are interested in featuring your title(s) in our special issue newsletter ONLY for $200, please complete the reservation form below. Thank you for your interest! We will share information about more upcoming events in this series in the near future. 


This web series highlights titles that inspire inclusive communities. For our first session on November 12th at 12:00 pm ET, we will focus on titles about "racial equality and building inclusive communities." The audience will be comprised of booksellers, librarians, and reviewers interested in the subject. In addition to the hour-long virtual event, Edelweiss+ will send a special issue newsletter featuring the titles to our list of over 60,000 book buyers and lovers. All proceeds go to supporting Treeline 2020's work to promote diversity and inclusion in the tech and publishing industries.


Submissions are subject to review to ensure the title fits within the theme. Publishers must subscribe to Edelweiss+ to participate.


This series is sponsored by Above the Treeline as part of our Treeline 2020 initiative to reduce bias and racism in our organization, community, and industry. All proceeds from the event will go to fund Treeline 2020's work to promote diversity and inclusion in the publishing and tech industries.