Writers' Workshop

coffee and paper with My Story words near notebook on yellow background

August 25, 2020 at 10:00 AM ET

Calling all writers! Do you enjoy writing? Are you interested in improving your skills, getting feedback, and connecting with other writers?


Whether you write for school or professionally, supportive feedback can help strengthen your skills. We're starting a networking group for writers of all types to share ideas, give feedback, and collaborate with others. In this first meeting, we'll focus on introductions and the goals of the group. Bring a piece of your writing or just an idea to share, and be ready to collaborate in this interactive networking call.

This free session is sponsored by Above the Treeline as part of our Treeline 2020 initiative.


At Above the Treeline, we believe that our voices and actions can have an impact. Our platform in publishing and technology positions us to make a difference. The goal of Treeline 2020 is to reduce bias and racism in our organization, our community, and in the industries to which we are connected.