At Above the Treeline, we believe that our voices and actions can have an impact. Our platform in publishing and technology positions us to make a difference. The goal of Treeline 2020 is to reduce bias and racism in our organization, our community, and in the industries to which we are connected.


Our company is called “Above the Treeline” because we help the book industry “see the forest for the trees." The purpose of this program is to rise above the systemic issues at play and shed light on ourselves, our communities, and the possibilities before us to initiate positive change.

Why "2020?"

In 2020, mainstream America was shocked into a new consciousness. For us, the message was undeniably clear: we must address systemic bias and racism today.

Clear vision is 20/20, allowing one to see close up as well as far away. We strive for clear vision to make incremental, short-term changes that will lead to bigger, long-term change.

Similarly, “hindsight is 20/20.” We want to own and learn from our past mistakes and history. We do not want to repeat mistakes or “go back to sleep.”

We envision a society where equity and inclusion are woven into the fabric of our institutions, making life fuller, more promising, and more productive for everyone.


As a software company in the book industry, Above the Treeline is uniquely positioned at the intersection of books and technology. Both of these industries have historically lacked diversity. The Treeline 2020 programs will provide educational opportunities and internships for high school and college students that have traditionally been marginalized and oppressed, including people of color and LGBTQ+ folx. Our mission is to expose young people to the possibilities in these industries in order to bring about long-term systemic change.


Currently, we're in the process of connecting with others in our communities to learn more about what is working, what is needed, and how we may best contribute. We are planning a number of events, so stay tuned! Our goal is to implement our internship programs by summer 2021. If you're interested in getting involved or learning more, please contact us.


Additionally, Above the Treeline staff will volunteer their time to support businesses/organizations that align with the mission of Treeline 2020. If you know of an organization that could benefit from volunteer time and expertise (tech, marketing, operations, gardening - you name it!), please let us know!

Upcoming Events

Editors' Pick Series

Next Session: "Books About Diversity and Building Inclusive Communities"

November 5 - Register


(If you are a publisher who is interested, learn more here.)

Writers' Workshop Series

Strong writing skills open doors in any industry! If you're a writer or just someone who wants to improve their writing skills (whether professionally, for school, or just for fun), join us for this interactive networking series.

More information coming soon!