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With the release of Edelweiss360 to Catalog Services subscribers, publishers will gain a panoramic view of user activity surrounding their titles and catalogs - including views, downloads, reviews, shelves, sharing and opening of markups, and orders - allowing them to track the effectiveness of sales and marketing strategies.

A premium upgrade will allow for targeting of influencers and improved marketing workflows.

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Online Billing Center

Billing contacts for your organization now have the option to pay invoices and track billing history online.

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Improved Markup Workflow

Sales reps can now easily add markups from other title formats (theirs or a colleague's), saving time. Also, the addition of Fill Quantities helps stores to order large quantities.

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Event Grid Enhancements

Publishers can bulk upload event grids from a spreadsheet for easy management. The submission export is also now simple to sort and filter by city and state.



Subscribers now receive Year-To-Date and Lifetime Sales data in their daily emailed reports. Additionally, there were upgrades to the comp cross-store view.

Investments in New Technology

The React web framework helps us to deploy fixes and new features faster, exploit modern browser capabilities, and maintain our applications. Cloud-based big data processing technologies allow us to scale our data ingest routines and accommodate ever-growing data streams.

Improvements to Services Architecture

We've implemented more independent services in our application architecture to speed deployment of fixes and new features, take advantage of more efficient cloud-based hosting resources, and promote overall site resiliency.

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Enhanced Training & Support

Publishers now have access to a devoted Publisher Client Success Manager, who serves as a consultative expert for both new and existing clients. Additionally, there are new training programs for catalog admins and sales reps, monthly publisher newsletters with product updates and best practices, quarterly sales rep newsletters, and checklists for getting the most out of Edelweiss.

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"Edelweiss+ is an invaluable resource, and I appreciate accessing digital galleys before books are published so I can make the most informed decisions for our library."

Eti Berland, Lincolnwood Public Library

"Edelweiss+ is a great, time-saving resource for anyone who works with books and publishers!"

Renata Tatman, Seattle Art Museum

"Edelweiss+ is a fantastic tool for booksellers and librarians to better connect and order from sales reps and publishers!"

Evelyn Nicholas, A Good Book

"Edelweiss+ is an excellent resource for booksellers to recommend books!"

Kathy Franklin, Barnes & Noble

"How did booksellers survive before Edelweiss+? Amazing. This site is so much better than NetGalley."

Beth Carpenter, The Country Bookshop

"Edelweiss+ is a good way to order our books, check out reviews, and obtain info about books!" 

Linda Bond, Auntie's Books