Edelweiss Connect:

Your Bookfest Personal Assistant


Edelweiss Connect connects Bookfest to your Edelweiss account and adds a lot of functionality to personalize your experience. It even allows you to purchase books from your favorite independent bookstore!


To find it, click on the little orange tab on the right of your screen. At Bookfest, it will say "Edelweiss Connect." While in Edelweiss, it will say "Bookfest."  Also, notice that Bookfest is a clickable virtual environment. In addition to the top navigation bar, you can click within the images to navigate and explore.  If you have trouble opening Connect, try disabling any ad blocking features enabled in your browser.


Some Connect features like the Tote Bag and Review Copies require you to log in to Edelweiss.  Edelweiss login works best when using Chrome or Firefox on a non-mobile device.  If you're using Safari, you will need to allow a feature called "Cross Site Tracking" as described here.  This allows Connect to access your Edelweiss account even when it's running within the Bookfest site.

edelweiss connect

Edelweiss Connect is your gateway to exploring all things Bookfest! Under Sessions, you can browse the program, add sessions to your calendar, and join the live webcast. Click to open up a collection of all of the books featured in that session (if applicable)! (You can also find links to sessions inside Bookfest from the Main Auditorium, under Webcast in the top navigation bar, and inside the genre or professional lounges!)

updated sessions

Browse all of the Bookfest Exhibitors and link directly to their booths to explore their books and interact. (You can also find all of the amazing exhibitor booths under Pavilions in the Bookfest top navigation bar.)

updated exhibitors2

When looking at a book in Edelweiss Connect, you can choose to add to your Tote Bag or download/request a review copy if available. Want to buy it now? From your Tote Bag, you can click Checkout to purchase from your favorite independent bookstore!

updated indies

You can browse the 100+ independent bookstores set up to receive your online orders under Bookstores in Edelweiss Connect, but you'll also be able to select your favorite when checking out.

connect bookstores

Want to learn more about the amazing authors and speakers at Bookfest? Under Speakers, you can click to view bios. 

updated speakers

Every time you explore or join a different type of session, you'll earn points to win amazing prizes from Zingerman's, a gourmet food business headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Click Games to learn more. 

updated games