What Users Are Saying…

bookstore owner

Book Retailers

“Entering an order used to take me hours. Doing it in Edelweiss was so easy, I honestly thought I might cry. Thank you!”


“Huge catalog of pre-release as well as backlist books from an exhaustive list of publishers. Great liaison between those who publish books and those who buy them for a living!”


“I use Edelweiss all the time. It is wonderful for finding titles and putting together an order. It has increased my business.”

book publishers

Publishers and Sales Reps

“It works wonderfully for our catalogs and DRCs.”


“I’m convinced it’s a better way to do things, and I want to be at the front of the pack…”


“It is a very quick and easy way to connect with customers. I love Edelweiss!”


“It’s simply the go-to source for all things book-related.”


“It’s an extraordinary tool that allows us to save time, money, and paper.”



“Librarians should be aware of upcoming titles, and Edelweiss+ allows us to access this info and make informed decisions for collection development.”


“It is a wonderful resource to find out about new titles before patrons do so we can refer them to good books!”


“As a librarian, Edelweiss is indispensable for reading to recommend for purchase. All of my favorites make it onto the library shelves and into the hands of patrons!”


“I love how Edelweiss makes the new releases available to library staff. Not just the DRCs, but the reviews and synopses. We used to have to read all the journals so see what was coming, and now it’s all in one place.”

book reviewer

Reviewers, Educators, and Book Lovers

“Easy to download DRCs, and lots of titles available. Great for finding out about upcoming titles – whether you want to read them early or just get a list of future releases.”


“In the bookselling business, nothing is better than free books ahead of release! I tell all my coworkers that they have to get on Edelweiss!”


“I get a chance to read and review new books while being able to check out upcoming releases from publishers. It’s like the perfect dream for book lovers.”


“Super-informative and totally up-to-date. I use Edelweiss+ at least several times a week.”