Market and Sell Your Titles to Book Professionals

Edelweiss+ is an online digital catalog platform that allows publishers to efficiently manage their catalogs and review copies as well as their sales and marketing processes. 

Catalog Services

Edelweiss+ hosts the catalogs of all major US publishers and 95% of the US frontlist. It's quickly growing internationally as well!

  • Reach over 100,000 book professionals and buyers
  • Create customized markups and collaborate with customers on orders
  • Foster buzz and reviews of titles within the largest social networks of book professionals

Edelweiss+ is how I do my job, and it's how my customers place orders. I can't imagine working without it. 

Title Promotions

There are several ways to generate interest in your titles on Edelweiss+:

  • Featured Titles in the Weekly Newsletter
  • Banner Ads in Weekly or Monthly Newsletters
  • Catalog Inserts
  • Review Copies

Everyone I want to promote to is already on Edelweiss+. And it's affordable and easy!

Review Copies

Marketing uses review copies to generate buzz and reviews. Sales reps use them to encourage ordering.

If you’re a publisher, you probably use some mix of print and digital review copies to meet your needs. Now you can manage both directly within Edelweiss+, and never miss an opportunity to get a review copy into the hands of someone who can influence a sale!

It's so much easier to manage my print and digital review copies in the same place. And it works!

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Stay a step ahead of sales trends, benchmark performance, and streamline workflows.

  • Daily sales reporting
  • Catalog performance analysis
  • Additional sales and marketing tools


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