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  • Reach over 165,000 book professionals, including 28,000+ booksellers
  • Control access and auto-approve certain types of users as desired
  • Manage alongside digital and print review copies with ease
  • Streamline processes for reps and marketing
  • Affordable and simple pricing with no download fees


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Effective and Affordable

Pricing is simple. Publishers who are already subscribed to Edelweiss+ Catalog Services pay a simple $99 annual fee to subscribe to the Review Copy Module and a $50* fee per title (discounts may apply). In 2020, we are waiving the $99 for new subscribers and including the ability to offer audio review copies with all Edelweiss+ Review Copy Module subscriptions at no additional charge! This means that publishers can post digital and audio review copies to the same ISBN at no additional charge in 2020, so why not give it a try?

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