What publishers want to know about the


WEb-Based Ereader

Coming Summer 2021

Benefits for readers:

Begin reading review copies immediately once approved!

No need to download to a device. No Adobe or Kindle account required. 

Read on any device with a web browser - including mobile devices.

Track reading progress, make notes, and add bookmarks.

Seamlessly click to write and share reviews in Edelweiss.

Benefits for Publishers:

Readers move directly from reading to crafting reviews, creating orders, and/or other tasks in Edelweiss.

Gain additional data into reader behavior and engagement.

Leverage additional content security features that prevent copying, downloading, and printing.

The Edelweiss web-based ereader is based on R2D2BC, a leading web-based implementation of the Readium V2 EPUB reader. It was developed in partnership with Bluefire Solutions, a leading ereader solutions provider. Review copy content is delivered to readers in small, encrypted fragments, providing additional content protection. Final product testing was conducted in conjunction with security firms contracted by Penguin Random House and HarperCollins.