Edelweiss+ for Publishers

Edelweiss+ is a unique digital catalog platform that publishers use to efficiently manage their catalogs and review copies as well as their sales and marketing processes. 

Catalog Services


Edelweiss+ hosts the catalogs of all major US publishers and over 95% of the US frontlist. It's quickly growing internationally as well!


  • Create customized markups and collaborate with customers on orders
  • Foster buzz and reviews of titles within the largest social networks of book professionals (200,000+)
  • Track activities such as views, shares, shelves, reviews, downloads, and orders



There are several ways to generate interest in your titles on Edelweiss+ and drive sales:


  • Featured Titles
  • Newsletter Banner Ads
  • Title Banner Inserts
  • Indie Bookstore Direct-to-Consumer Collaborative Marketing
  • Review Copies
  • Virtual Events


Review Copies


Marketing uses review copies to generate buzz and reviews. Sales reps use them to encourage ordering.


If you're a publisher you probably use a mix of review copy formats to meet your needs. You can manage digital review copies, audio review copies, and exam copies directly within Edelweiss+, so you never miss an opportunity to get your titles into the hands of someone who can influence a sale!

Laptop with new DRC icons
Designer Webpage

Edelweiss Designer


Edelweiss Designer allows publishers to design custom catalogs and collections using their own user-created templates.


Compare hours spent using current catalog compilation and design methods to Edelweiss Designer. Save time, money, and other resources.



Many features of Edelweiss360 are complimentary for subscribers of Catalog Services, including monitoring activity around titles and catalogs.


Premium features maximize the impact of sales and marketing by suggesting potential prospects, enabling outreach to targets, and improving workflows.




Your connection to over 500+ Indies. Stay a step ahead of sales trends, benchmark performance, and streamline workflows.

  • Daily sales reporting
  • Catalog performance analysis
  • Store-specific reporting and sales tools



Book Professionals

  • 33,000+ booksellers, including 3000+ verified B&N employees
  • 29,000+ librarians
  • 16,000+ publishers, distributors, and sales reps
  • 12,000+ academics
  • 6,000+ media or agency professionals
  • 100,000+ reviewers, readers, or other book lovers


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