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Ordering new titles using Edelweiss is a game changer


"Previously I was selecting titles with a sharpie in the Buyers Notes catalogues we used to receive in the post. Then it would take up to a month for staff to manually input these ISBN's, in between serving customers at the counter. Now it's a whole different story. There is a wealth of information attached to each title to help with the buying decision. It really is magic!"


- Angela Pickard, Bridge Bookshop Ltd

One of the best and most innovative things in the history of publishing


"What you and your team have done to eliminate paper waste, cost, and all the carbon emissions that go along with shipping catalogs is innovative in general, and as it relates to climate and ecology."


- Elise Cannon, VP Field Sales, PGW

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Edelweiss


"As a freelance book publisher rep I’ve been desperate for a one platform solution to bring together book information for all the publishers I look after. Edelweiss has more than helped and customers have already commented how useful it is for them too. As well as looking really good, it has saved me so much time as well."


- Mike Lapworth, Independent Sales Rep

Edelweiss revolutionised my working life


"Suddenly I had everything I needed, in one place. I can create whatever catalogues, selections, AIs or order forms I need, from frontlist or back. And I'm still only learning - Edelweiss has many more functions that I am yet to utilise. And it costs me nothing! Win, win, win."


- Deborah Jones, Independent Sales Rep

Edelweiss helps me become a better organised bookseller


"Time is so short running our little business, so it is great to have the one stop shop for book information. I can browse new titles, create my own lists for customers or my team, and I can send orders to participating Publishers. The Analytics gives me loads of data to help me make my stock as exciting and profitable as possible. Overall, Edelweiss is easy to use. It's seldom that I come off using it without feeling energised and keener to sell more books."


- Patrick Neale, Jaffe & Neale Bookshop and Cafe

I'm loving Edelweiss


"The analytics are amazing and I just keep marvelling at what it can do. I've had a few rep meetings using them and it' so smooth (I'm the fastest book buyer in the west but this was unbelievable, I did like 4 months in an hour!)."


- Aimee, Phlox Books

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