Basecamp speeds up the buying process by allowing you to view your store's sales and inventory history for comparable titles in Edelweiss+.

"I do most of my ordering from home, so having my inventory data available through Edelweiss+ has been a tremendous boost to productivity. I don’t even attempt to use POS reports anymore. You’ve created a great (and superior) product that is easy to use. "

View Your Store's Sales and Inventory for Comparable Titles


Make Edelweiss+ Your One-Stop Shop!

When you create orders, do you have Edelweiss+ open in one window and your POS in another? Selection decisions are fast and easy when you can see your store's sales and inventory history for each comp title right in Edelweiss+. Quickly see how the title sold in the first three months after release, lifetime sales, last year sales, current on hand, and current on order. This data can help predict the sales of an upcoming title. 

$25 / Month per Store

Stores that are brand new to Edelweiss+Analytics are eligible for a free 12-month trial of Basecamp!


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