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Summit is the top tier of Edelweiss Analytics for retailers. It had all of the comparable title data you enjoy now along with everything you need to manage your stock and improve sales performance.

The Data and Intel You Need to Make Decisions About Your Store

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Most Popular Titles

Identify the titles customers love and return those that are just taking up space on your shelves

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Not Yet Released Titles

Uncover new and upcoming titles you may want to add to an order or share with your staff

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Historical Overview

Dig into your historical sales data to compare this year to last year and even monitor this month's trend

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Catalog Analysis

Analyze how titles from a publisher's catalog performed at your store before you meet with a rep

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Stock Analysis

Keep track of top sales performers and identify areas that may require your attention

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Compare locations, genres, and custom categories while benchmarking against national data


Intuitive Reporting


Slice and dice your inventory and sales data any way you want. Move from intuitive, color-coded graphs to detailed title lists that you can even export. Easily add titles to customized action plans or orders.

Data-Driven Action Planning

Compare turns and sales across categories, and then dig into detailed analyses to identify what actions to take.


Track Performance Measures Over Time

Identify trends and benchmark year-over-year performance for sales, inventory, turns, and unit sales. Monitor this month's projection, too. Customize the timeframe as needed.


Optional data pass-through to eCommerce partners is also included. 

See Your Inventory Throughout Edelweiss

Check marks immediately identify whether you have a title on hand (green) or on order (yellow)!


Dashboard Widgets Bring Analytics to Your Homepage


Most Popular Titles

View the top selling titles in the regional or national peer group of your choice.


Top Not Yet Released Titles

Check out the most in-demand pre-publication titles in the peer group of your choice.


Popular Titles You Don't Have

Immediately identify which popular titles may be missing from your inventory.

At-A-Glance Market Data

In the green bar, view what percentage of stores in your desired peer group have sold the title or have it on hand or on order. On the right side, see whether any of your locations have the title.


Select your desired regional or national peer group to view market data for each title. Sort title lists by this information to identify the most in-demand titles you may have missed!


"Edelweiss Analytics is so much more flexible than my POS. I don't even use my POS reports anymore."

"I'm consistently complimented on the quality of my inventory, and I credit Edelweiss Analytics."

"This tool pays for itself many times over every month. It saves me hours of time but it also improves my store's performance."

The Shelf Report


Benchmark your store(s) against the performance of other independent bookstores on four key measures of sales and inventory health - across 45 genres.

Freshness: What portion of your inventory is selling?

Relevance: How does your inventory compare when it comes to ownership of top titles?

Hit Rate: How have your new titles "hit" compared to peers?

Turnover: How many times does your inventory turn over annually compared to peers?


Drill down from the overall assessment to genre-specific assessments. Then click into specific title lists to drive action!

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Make it easy for customers, who know and trust your recommendations, to discover their next read at your store. Help them buy more books, more often, from YOU - whether they are in the store or online. 


  • Targeted email marketing
  • Curated online stores
  • Loyalty program management
  • State-of-the-art eCommerce
  • Customer wishlists and reviews
  • Event management


*Edelweiss360 is currently in beta testing and will be available to Summit tier subscribers of Edelweiss Analytics

Starting at $50 / month


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