Edelweiss+Analytics for Libraries Launches at ALA


ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Above the Treeline today announced the launch of Edelweiss+Analytics, a web-based, interactive collection analysis tool for libraries.

Edelweiss+Analytics gives librarians access to the most accurate and up-to-date information available on library circulation, retail sales data, and title data.

The product will initially roll out to public libraries in the U.S.

The product blends the organizational tools and in-depth title data that the Edelweiss platform currently offers with the methodology and style used for the inventory analysis tool Above the Treeline also currently provides to independent bookstores.

“The Analytics system for libraries is based on our system that has been in use by most of the major independent booksellers for the last 12 years,” said John Rubin, President and CEO of Above the Treeline. “The booksellers have found great value in having a view beyond their four walls - to know what’s selling or trending up or down, and compared to their own store’s stock. As we re-built the system for the library market, we’ve retained the graphical visual style, and the philosophy of starting with a big picture then drilling down into details, and combined that with an easy-to-use interface.”

Ingram Library Services Inc. has been working with Above the Treeline from the beginning to bring the product to market, and Ingram Library Services will handle sales and marketing. Ingram’s collection development group and library services team have been integral to the design, testing and refinement process during the course of development.

"Information is power, and the power that fuels Edelweiss Analytics helps libraries make well-informed decisions when it comes to trends in title usage, saving time and money for library staff," said Dan Sheehan, Vice President and General Manager, Ingram Content Group library services. "Libraries today must be in tune with what their patrons’ needs are, and Ingram Library Services Inc. is pleased to work with Above the Treeline to give libraries a simple resource for keeping their finger on the pulse of trends that appeal to and are relevant for their patrons."

Above the Treeline recently transitioned to Microsoft Azure cloud hosting server platform, enabling more growth.

“Microsoft Azure offers Above the Treeline the flexibility and services they need to continue to be successful,” said Nicole Herskowitz, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft Azure.

“Clearly Above the Treeline has long been – and continues to be –  a nimble and creative innovator in the book industry and we are delighted to work with them during the launch of such an exciting new product,” Herskowitz added.

Edelweiss+Analytics tracks library circulation and monitors collections, providing recommendations on removing and/or adding titles that are demanded by readers. Comparisons to holdings and circulations at other libraries, or groups of libraries, and to retail sales and stock information shows gaps in holdings, and trends relative to others.

Category analysis by BISAC, Dewey, or Collection Codes provides insight into the health of a collection. In-depth title information, integrated digital galleys, social networking, and peer comparisons inform the selection process of pre- and post-publication titles, helping to achieve optimal collection balance and manage collection projects.

Driven by data, Edelweiss+Analytics helps libraries make smart and informed decisions based on trends and usage and also helps align spending with circulation trends. Libraries can balance the purchasing of content with weeding/removal to avoid overspending and save staff time.

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