Literati Bookstore on Edelweiss360

Edelweiss360 is the only email marketing tool created for booksellers exclusively. It is designed to combat the unique obstacles indie booksellers face by taking some of the labor of impactful outreach off their plate.


A free email marketing tool, Edelweiss360 pulls relevant market and store data so booksellers can create targeted campaigns with ease. By enabling booksellers to incorporate email marketing into their already existing workflows, 360 allows bookstores to reclaim their most valuable resource—their time.

Ann Arbor institution Literati Bookstore uses Edelweiss360 for a targeted events newsletter as well as monthly all-customer email. We spoke with Mike Gustafson, one of the co-owners and founders of Literati, about t
he "powerful simplicity" of 360 and how the product saves them time (and money!).

What is the story behind Literati Bookstore? Could you share some background on the shop with us?  

My wife Hilary and I opened Literati in 2013 in the wake of beloved Ann Arbor bookselling institutions Borders and Shaman Drum closing for business. We both grew up in Michigan, and we moved from Brooklyn back home to pursue a dream that many said was “doomed” or wouldn’t work. Ten years in, we’re still here! Pandemics, cicadas, floods, and other said Old Testament experiences could not take us down; our staff and customers kept us going and are the reasons for our success.

Literati Bookstore

How did you hear about Edelweiss360? What was your experience like learning how to use the product?

Obviously, we use Above The Treeline. E360 was a natural extension and a conscious doubling down on the Edelweiss platform. Doing marketing for the bookstore, I was annoyed and overwhelmed with other email platforms and E360 had the “powerful simplicity” I craved. I almost began snail mailing customers hand-typed letters before I found out about E360, so my fingers are glad I don’t have to do that. 

How are you using Edelweiss360 at Literati? In what ways has 360 changed your email marketing process?

We do two email campaigns: An events-based newsletter that is sent to targeted customers and fans of particular upcoming event authors, and a monthly all-customer store newsletter, where I pontificate about bookselling or AI or my kids reading habits, which seems to revolve around books involving poop jokes. High class, we Gustafsons. 

So far, what are the benefits your store has seen since adopting 360? 

Well, we save a ton of money. It’s also incredibly easy to use. Our Events Director John Ganiard can crank out email campaigns quickly—much faster than using MyEmma, and that makes the workflow easier and simpler. 

Is there a recent email campaign of yours using 360 that you are particularly proud of?

All of them! They are all important and valuable contributions to society and more important than anything else published ever. Please subscribe now or suffer the existential void 95% of unsubscribers inevitably feel. 

Do you have any tips or advice for other booksellers who might want to start using Edelweiss360?

Just start! If you have a natural curiosity about how best to communicate to customers, this platform is for you. Or if you’re craving a simple and fast and easy to use solution targeting folks who like your store, just start! I love that it’s connected to our systems and we can target exactly who we want to target, even if that means I’m simply emailing my Mom about a great upcoming release. 

Have you read anything recently that you are really excited about? Are there upcoming books that you are looking forward to?

My kids love “Potty Power” starring Super Pooper and Whizz Kid. I am hoping my youngest digests this important information. Like I said: High class.

Ready to sign up? Reach out to us here! Still have questions? Find information on 360's features, testimonials from other bookstores, and how-to here.