Edelweiss+ Launches Print Review Copy Functionality for Publishers

Above the Treeline, Inc. is introducing exciting new functionality to Edelweiss+ that enables publishers to make Print Review Copies (PRC) available for order. This new offering is an add-on to the current Digital Review Copy module and advances Treeline’s strategic focus on increasing the value Edelweiss+ provides its publishing clients. LEARN MORE

“This has been a long time coming. For years, we’ve heard from publishers about the challenges they face with managing printed review copies and getting them in the right hands. This is a natural extension of the Edelweiss platform and represents a significant process improvement for our publishers,” said John Rubin, Founder and CEO of Above the Treeline, the company behind Edelweiss+.

The Edelweiss+ platform is used by over 100,000 book professionals to sell, discover, and order new titles. It hosts digital catalogs from all major publishers and over 95% of the US frontlist titles. Publishers use it to reach their audiences around the globe efficiently and effectively.

The PRC service allows publishers to maintain minimal to no inventory of printed review copies and have them shipped directly to accounts or sales reps. Enabling publisher sales reps to order exactly how many they need when they need them, waste and costs are significantly reduced.

“Often, print review copy quantities are determined months before they are produced, and then there are either too many or too few available when needed. Additionally, many are shipped and handled multiple times before getting to the intended recipient. This module in Edelweiss can reduce costs for publishers by as much as 20-50%,” said Joe Upton, VP of Business Development at Above the Treeline.

The addition of PRC ordering to the Edelweiss Review Copy Module streamlines the sales and marketing processes while reducing shipping and handling costs. It also means that publishers will never miss an opportunity to share a review copy with an influencer due to low inventory. In addition to placing their own PRC orders in Edelweiss, subscribing publishers may choose to allow certain accounts or users to request them in Edelweiss using the same process as Digital Review Copies. Publishers can then manage and track their entire review copy program in Edelweiss, the platform where a good amount of their sales and marketing workflows already occur.

To get started, publishers need to activate the Print Review Copy module in Edelweiss and partner with a print/distribution provider (such as Lightning Source) to fulfill the PRC orders made in Edelweiss. Printing and shipping rates are handled by the print/distribution partner, and a basic per-unit service charge is paid to Above the Treeline for PRC orders in Edelweiss.

The new offering expands Above the Treeline’s portfolio of workflow tools for publishers, which currently include its catalog service, Digital Review Copy Module, Order Management Module, Document Builder, and marketing/promotional offerings.



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Above the Treeline is a privately-owned company based in Ann Arbor, MI. It was founded in 2002 by John Rubin, the son of an Indie bookseller and grandson of a librarian, who saw an opportunity to increase business efficiency in the book industry with technical solutions. While our product functionality has grown significantly since then, we continue to be dedicated to serving book professionals.