Edelweiss List View Project Objectives

The Edelweiss List View project has been in progress for over 9 months. It is a significant undertaking, but the end result will have a number of positive impacts for the platform and for our users. We have six primary goals for the project which are outlined below.

Upgrade Technology

The primary objective of the first phase of the List View project is to update the technology that this section of the platform is running on. Much of software behind it is over ten years old. While the technology is still very stable and this area of the platform is generally performant, as time goes on the risks to that increase. This phase of the List View project will bring a critical component of Edelweiss up to date from a technology perspective which will, in turn, help us meet some additional objectives.

Make Incremental User Experience Changes

This phase of the List View Project is intended to leave our users with an experience that does not differ greatly from their current Edelweiss experience. We want to make changes to the interface only in cases where there has been loud feedback from users around specific pain points. During the process of implementing the new List View, though, we will be logging all opportunities to improve the interface for prioritization in later phases.

Add User Experience Efficiencies

There are some cases where the platform lacks obvious navigation elements or features. These are situations that have been reported by users and tracked over a period of time, but not yet implemented. We will use this phase of the list view project to implement those efficiencies if it does not significantly disrupt the overall experience.

Increase Performance

Maintaining and improving the performance of Edelweiss is an ongoing goal. The new technology we are implementing for the List View opens up some potential for performance gains in ways our older technology did not allow. Our goal is to have certain aspects of using the List View be incrementally faster for users.

Improve Developer Satisfaction

Working on older technology is not always the most satisfying for software developers. The implementation of the new List View will give Edelweiss developers the ability to work in a more modern framework, leveraging all of the efficiencies that framework allows. In addition, developers who have generally focused on the front-end aspects of Edelweiss will now be able to update a core aspect of the platform without the challenge of having to understand the legacy implementations that have less of a separation of front and back-end logic.

Avoid Lowering Average NPS Score

With any new updates to a user interface, there is always the risk of frustrating some users because of change. Our goal is that our average satisfaction rating will not decrease as a result of these changes. In order to accomplish this, we will use an iterative process of gathering feedback from users, identifying potential pain points, and updating the interface as appropriate. We will also have an extended and iterative testing segment of the project to ensure that the product rolls out to users with a high degree of quality. Lastly, the rollout to users will be segmented into phases. This will allow our team to manage all support requests in an efficient way without being flooded by all users getting the changes at once. Users will have the option to toggle back to the old interface for 6 months after the new List View has been implemented.