Edelweiss+Analytics Now Integrates Square for Retail POS Data

Above the Treeline, the company behind the Edelweiss+Analytics platform for independent bookstores, is pleased to announce their integration with the Square for Retail point-of-sale (POS) system.

For over 15 years, Edelweiss+Analytics (formerly Treeline Analytics) has helped over 500 independent bookstores manage their inventory efficiently. In addition to integrating POS data into Edelweiss+ to assist stores with ordering from publishers, it also provides reporting tools to align stock with customer demand and select new titles.

Six stores were part of the successful beta test for the integration between Square and Edelweiss+Analytics. The integration between Edelweiss+ and Square is API-driven, requiring only a one-time click to authorize and no subsequent file uploads to maintain. Participating stores must be using Square for Retail, and it’s recommended that the Square Purchase Order module is also leveraged to fully maximize the reporting tools.

“Square is focused on transaction data, but Edelweiss+Analytics surfaces the data we need to manage our inventory. Specifically, it helps determine what to return, which is critical to the profitability of any bookstore. When building orders, it’s also useful to see what other stores in my region have on order. It makes sure we don’t miss any hot new titles,” says Dave Lucey of Page 158 Books.

“I can’t imagine daily operations now without Square plus Edelweiss+Analytics. I love being able to view an order I’m about to place and see numbers right above the quantity field that show me how many I have on-hand and on order – it has already saved me from over-ordering. I also like being able to see the charts of sales for comp titles and what’s popular in upcoming releases in case I overlooked something,” says Angela Trigg of The Haunted Book Shop.

Stores that are brand new to Edelweiss+Analytics are eligible for a free 12-month trial of the Basecamp tier. To learn more about Edelweiss+Analytics, go here.

An Edelweiss+Analytics subscription will also enable use of Edelweiss360 once it is out of beta testing. Edelweiss360 allows booksellers to efficiently craft and send store-branded, personalized emails to customers based on individual purchase behavior and staff knowledge of customers. The system tracks both in-store and online conversion rates to help booksellers monitor the success of the program. For more information on Edelweiss360, click here.