Extension of Edelweiss+ Functionality for the German Book Industry

Above the Treeline, Inc. announced expanded capabilities for Edelweiss+ to support the German book industry. The enhanced feature set is part of Above the Treeline’s strong commitment to the German market and comes shortly after the integration of the iconic Spiegel-Bestseller lists in July 2017.

Edelweiss+ now supports the Thema standard for global subject codes. This means that publishers can include Thema subject codes and qualifiers with their titles. Retailers and other users can then search and filter by the Thema codes and qualifiers within Edelweiss+.

Additionally, Above the Treeline is offering Edelweiss+Analytics at no cost for retailers in Germany for 12 months. Edelweiss+Analytics brings Treeline’s 15-year history of providing actionable insight to book retailers into a tool that is fully integrated with the Edelweiss platform. Edelweiss+Analytics brings store inventory and point-of-sale data directly into Edelweiss+. This allows users to immediately identify whether a title or comparable title is part of their current inventory and how it has sold in the past at their bookstore, thereby increasing order efficiency and maximizing inventory management.

Above the Treeline’s growth in Germany is supported by a strategic partnership with Harenberg Kommunikation Verlags und Media Company, a subsidiary of SPIEGEL publishing house, headquartered in Dortmund, Germany. Harenberg is driving the expansion of Edelweiss+ Germany. They have recently launched advertising and sales campaigns in parallel with the release of the Spiegel-Bestseller integration, Thema support, and offer of a free year of Edelweiss+Analytics.

“Edelweiss+ has been very well received here because of its long history of delivering value to the book industry and its comprehensive platform for sharing, discovering, ordering, and analyzing new titles.  Publishers and booksellers consistently report significant savings in time and improved decision-making. There’s nothing else quite like it, and it’s a quantum leap in the world of publishing,” said Jan Kerbusk, Managing Director of Harenberg Kommunikation.

“Treeline’s significant long-term investment in the German market and partnership with Harenberg is tremendously exciting for us,” said John Rubin, CEO of Above the Treeline.  “We continue to look forward to learning from our customers and evolving Edelweiss+ to meet the needs of German book professionals even better.”

Harenberg’s trade journal, Buchreport, is an online source for book industry news, analysis, commentary, and the iconic Spiegel book bestseller lists, which are similar to the US NYT Bestseller lists. These lists are based on sales data from shops across Germany and have been a go-to resource for the book industry since 1961. As a result of this partnership, German users of Edelweiss can now view the Spiegel bestseller lists on their homepage, providing convenient and comprehensive access to this critical tool for book professionals. Subscribers of Edelweiss+Analytics tools can also directly compare their inventory to these bestseller lists and seamlessly create orders to fill gaps in their stock.