Publishers Weekly: “WI15: Treeline Readies Targeted E-Marketing Product for Indies”

“Last week at Winter Institute, Above the Treeline presented Edelweiss360, which gives independents an easier way to send out customized emails in lieu of Mailchimp or Constant Contact. A second, related component offers bookstores their own branded mobile-friendly website… One of the draws of Edelweiss360 for booksellers, who already use e-mail programs to reach out to customers, is the speed with which they can put together a marketing email. Not only can they select the customers to receive the mailing in Edelweiss, but the contents of the mailing, including cover and jacket art and copy, are all in the same program. In addition, they can get data on how many people open the email, how many click on a link, conversions (or books purchased), and halos (purchases of other books and products at the same time)….”

The full article can be found here.