For Immediate Release
Thursday, September 1, 2016

Above the Treeline Unveils the Next Generation of Edelweiss
Streamlined and fast with a bold new look, Edelweiss+ sets a new standard.

ANN ARBOR, MI – Above the Treeline today reveals an exciting new beta version of its Edelweiss web service, Edelweiss+ ( Edelweiss+ provides a stunning visual update, showcasing a more customizable, modern and image-rich look and feel. Underlying Edelweiss+ is new, advanced architecture delivering dramatically faster performance, stability and support for mobile devices.

The widely used Edelweiss application is the book industry’s B2B interactive catalog platform. Edelweiss gives booksellers, publishers, librarians, reviewers, and other book industry professionals a single source for information on new book titles in the US and abroad. Additionally, the application integrates workflow tools for managing product discovery, purchasing, buyer and sales rep collaboration, sales analytics and more. Edelweiss also allows publishers to offer controlled access to DRM-protected, digital advance reader copies (DRCs) to book industry professionals.

The rapid adoption of Edelweiss by the book industry, and Above the Treeline’s focus on customer responsiveness, led to a quickly expanding feature set. “In creating Edelweiss+, we wanted to rationalize the presentation of Edelweiss’ many powerful functions, and create a customizable and attractive user experience,” said John Rubin, CEO of Above the Treeline. “Additionally, it was time to leverage the latest technology to make each person’s Edelweiss experience just plain faster and more stable.”

The improved customization of Edelweiss+ is most apparent on the new home page. The location and content of each redesigned module, for quick access to notifications, catalogs, markups, DRC approvals, (community) buzz and more, can by configured by each user. The home page becomes a finely adapted, central launching pad for product discovery and workflows. While Edelweiss+ provides improvements to “power users”, its greater flexibility, simpler navigation, less text-heavy approach also delivers a more satisfying experience for new users.

Edelweiss+ beta at will be available in parallel with the existing Edelweiss platform until early next year. Users will be able to provide feedback on the beta experience and transition at their own pace as Edelweiss+ is finalized and “legacy” Edelweiss is phased out.

Above the Treeline provides web-based analytical and workflow tools to help publishing professionals and their business customers work better and read more. The company’s Edelweiss service has been rapidly adopted within the publishing community as its primary product discovery and B2B purchasing platform. Edelweiss helps publishers improve catalog accuracy, reduce catalog costs, and optimize their sales and marketing efforts. Today, Edelweiss is the place to find, learn about and order millions of titles, and download advanced review copies for industry professionals. Over seven million titles from over eight thousand imprints are represented in Edelweiss, including the largest US trade publishers independent US publishers, and a growing number of foreign-language publishers from Treeline’s expanding international presence. For more information, visit