What’s New with Edelweiss+Analytics by Above the Treeline?

In October 2016, Above the Treeline announced a growth capital investment by Ann Arbor-based Plymouth Ventures. This new investment is now accelerating the development and roll-out of Treeline’s next generation product, Edelweiss+.

“We’re really excited about what has happened so far and what is coming down the pike. The partnership with Plymouth Ventures is allowing us to reach our vision faster and be increasingly responsive to our customers’ needs,” said John Rubin, CEO of Above the Treeline.

Our core product, Edelweiss, has been the book industry’s leading B2B interactive catalog platform since 2008 and is used by all major publishers. Its analytical and workflow tools help publishers, booksellers, libraries, and reviewers “work better, read more.” Edelweiss gives close to 100,0000 book industry professionals a single source of information to sell, discover, and order new book titles.

Edelweiss+ has all the major functionality of the legacy version with an updated look, new features, greater speed, and improved workflows. Recognizing that no two Edelweiss users are alike, a major enhancement of Edelweiss+ is the ability to customize the dashboard view, connect with peers, and personalize features so that each user can make the tool their own.

Edelweiss+ Analytics includes an add-on module that integrates analytical tools into one seamless login. While Above the Treeline has provided point-of-sale analytics to indie retailers for the past 15 years, the integration with Edelweis+ brings analytics front and center for retailers and now libraries, allowing users to drill down to view stock or collection details and benchmarking from anywhere within the tool.

“The goal of our analytics is to put actionable information at the fingertips of decisionmakers, helping publishers, sellers, and libraries better serve their customers and patrons. We’ve built in a lot of flexibility for our diverse user community,” said Carsten Hohnke, COO of Above the Treeline.

For publishers, Edelweiss+ greatly reduces costs associated with catalog printing and distribution while also improving the sales process through customized “mark-ups” and more. With the addition of the advanced analytics platform, publishers can identify POS and browsing trends to maximize the effectiveness of their catalogs and strengthen customer relationships.

“Edelweiss is about getting the right book in the right place at the right time.” – Sales Professional

For booksellers and libraries, Edelweiss+ allows users to manage inventory and collections more effectively by aligning them with demand, analyzing trends, and benchmarking performance across other libraries or booksellers. It greatly increases the efficiency of the product discovery and purchasing processes, saving users valuable time and money.

“I think I save about a week a month.” – Collection Manager

“I have decreased inventory, increased turns, and there is cash in the bank. I’m not used to having cash at this point in the year.” – Bookseller

For bloggers and reviewers, Edelweiss+ is a professional networking community supporting over 70,000 reviews a year by industry influencers. Users can see what titles are popular within their network and the broader community. Book lovers can easily identify and request e-galleys or digital review copies from publishers, allowing them to provide reviews or recommendations to book buyers.

“This is like heaven. It’s so easy to find DRCs and reviews.” – Reviewer

In March, booksellers, librarians, and reviewers were directed to Edelweiss+, where the Analytics module is available as a seamless add-on. Later this summer, sales professionals, and other publishing users will move to the enhanced platform. Webinars and tools are available to assist users making this transition.

With Edelweiss+ and the integrated analytics module, Above the Treeline is continuing its commitment to innovation and serving the book community. We look forward to releasing these new features to our all of our users, enabling them to “work better, read more!”